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Valentine’s Day is a month away (orders due this Friday to receive them in time!) so I put together this little list of top-sellers and fan-favorites to give you some unique gift ideas that go beyond flowers and diamonds. Pair a mug with a hot cocoa mix or glass full of chocolate candies, a t-shirt with an experience (surprise date – heck yeah), or a gift code inside a little love note. If you have a favorite hiking buddy, a friend who just adores the Black Hills, someone you’ve experienced a trail with, or a person who simply just loves this brand, then these gift ideas are for you.

#1  –  For your coffee-drinking, dog-loving, hiking bestie.

#2  –  For the person who doesn’t have this tee yet (everyone’s favorite).

#3  –  For the one you love to the Black Hills and back again.

#4  –  For that one person who’s always in a Black Hills State of Mind.

#5  –  For the lake-lover who spends their summers on a boat or in the water.

#6  –  For your go-to person when you need a Black Hills roadtrip.

#7  –  For your long distance friend who still finds South Dakota is their happy place.

#8  –  For the person who just loves a good baseball hat, especially local ones.

#9  –  For your bestie who loves all things floral, vintage, and super cozy.

#10  –  For the person who just likes to shop this brand.


If you want to receive an item by Valentine’s Day, get your orders in by this Friday, February 19, 2018. And remember, free shipping over $50!


plant a tree with a tee

The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on what was accomplished throughout the year. I thought I would do a quick update to let you know how many trees we were able to plant this year thanks to our partnership with One Tree Planted. And whoa! We did well!

But first, here’s a little snippet about One Tree Planted: One Tree Planted has the mission to reforest our planet and provide education, awareness and engagement on the importance of trees in our ecosystem.  Their goal is to make it simple for you to take part in reforestation – a cause most everyone seems to care about, but don’t have the opportunity to actually make happen (I don’t go out into the world and plant trees everyday, do you?). Well, this year, Westward Wandering gave you that opportunity when you purchased an item from the shop and here’s how we did:

At checkout, so many of you choose to toss in that extra dollar to plant one tree out in the world, and I am thrilled to announce that we planted just over 100 trees in 2017! Thanks to you, your love of the wild, and supporting small businesses like Westward Wandering, your generosity was able to make an incredible impact like this. Westward Wandering is not a big business by any means so kudos goes to all of you in reaching that sort of quantity and for making that choice to give back to our world in the form of a tree.

Looking forward to what we can do together in 2018!

FYI, if you are new to the brand, look for this pop-up at checkout, click the red button, and $1 will be added to your cart total to plant a tree!

one tree planted checkout box